Uptime guarantee

As one of the few web hosting suppliers, we are able to offer our customers our most advanced hosting solution, Prime, uptime guarantee. This premium service should feel safe. We can offer you this uptime guarantee partially because your service will be placed in two different data centers. If one of these encounters problems, the other will take over.

The uptime guarantee of 99.9% uptime per month is included in all Prime packages. If the uptime is lower than this, we will extend your subscription for 30 days for free. The uptime guarantee does not include planned downtime or downtime outside Inleed"s control, for example due to vandalism or natural catastrophes.

Servers in Sweden

All our servers are located in Sweden. We have our own physical premises in Falun and Tällberg but also equipment in Stockholm. Our network is built in a circle between these locations in order to offer the highest possible accessibility.

  • 3
    physical locations
  • DDoS
  • 30 gbit/s