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Simple server management with DirectAdmin

Discover the power of DirectAdmin - an advanced web-based control panel that makes server management a breeze. Whether you use VPS or dedicated servers, DirectAdmin gives you easy access to powerful tools for domain management, email, databases and files. With its intuitive interface and scalable features, you can effectively optimize and adapt your server environment to your unique needs.

Powerful functions for smooth server management

DirectAdmin offers a powerful and user-friendly control panel for smooth server management. Manage domains, email accounts, files, databases and security settings easily. An efficient solution to focus on your business without technical hassle.

  • Domain management

  • Database management

  • Email management

  • Security settings

  • File management

  • Statistics and monitoring

  • User management

  • Scalability

  • Domain Management

    Add and manage domains with ease. Create subdomains, set redirects and manage DNS settings smoothly

  • Email Management

    Create and manage email accounts, forwarders and auto-senders. DirectAdmin also offers anti-spam protection with SPF and DKIM.

  • File Management

    Explore, upload, edit and manage files directly from a browser, saving time and hassle.

  • Database Management

    Create and manage MySQL databases in a few simple steps, providing a solid foundation for web applications.

  • User Management

    Manage users with different permission levels and give them the ability to manage their own accounts.

  • Security settings

    Easy management of SSL certificates, firewalls and IP address blocking to secure your server environment.

  • Statistics and Monitoring

    Get insight into server performance and visitor statistics for your websites.

  • Scalability

    Whether you have a VPS or dedicated server, adapt DirectAdmin to your growing needs.

  • Web server

    Maximize performance and flexibility with DirectAdmin - compatible with Apache, Nginx, Litespeed and others.

Customize your DirectAdmin with third-party solutions

Install powerful third-party solutions that complement and enhance your DirectAdmin. With these add-ons, you can customize your server management and get even more functionality to meet your unique needs.


JetBackup is a powerful backup and recovery solution for DirectAdmin. With automatic scheduled backups and easy recovery options, you can protect your data and have the confidence to quickly recover if needed.

Imunify 360

Imunify360 is an advanced security solution for web servers that provides proactive protection against malware, DDoS attacks and other threats. With automatic detection and blocking of malicious activities, it helps secure your website and server environment.


Installatron is a powerful application that integrates with DirectAdmin, making it easy to install and manage over 100 web applications on your server. It offers a smooth installation process and automatic updates to keep applications safe and up-to-date.


Our Storage service gives you up to 1000 GB of secure storage space for your backup files. Protect your data from loss by simply storing it on a separate server.


SpamAssassin is an advanced anti-spam solution that integrates with DirectAdmin. It helps filter and block spam automatically, reducing disruption and ensuring you only get important email in your inbox.

    Available 365 days a year

    When your server is crucial to your business, we are here every day of the week, all year round - ready to solve your most complex server issues. From proactive monitoring to fast troubleshooting, we are the partner you can trust.

    With us by your side, server management becomes simple and hassle-free.

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Get started with 1 click

Installation, backups, recovery, staging environments, automatic updates - all included and a click away with Installatron.

  • Support for Wordpress, Prestashop + 100 other apps

  • Automatic backups & upgrades

  • Unlimited number of applications

  • Included in all web hosting plans

Built-in support for popular applications and CMS

You can easily and quickly install and manage, among other things, the following applications:

Common questions & answers

Is DirectAdmin suitable for both VPS and dedicated server?

Yes, DirectAdmin is compatible with both virtual private servers (VPS) and dedicated servers, providing a flexible and powerful server management solution.

Does DirectAdmin support different types of web servers?

Yes, DirectAdmin is designed to be compatible with a variety of leading web servers such as Apache, Nginx and Litespeed, to ensure optimal flexibility and high performance.

Can I install DirectAdmin on an existing server?

Yes, you can install DirectAdmin on an existing server. However, we recommend using a clean install to avoid possible conflicts.

What operating systems are supported by DirectAdmin?

DirectAdmin is compatible with all major operating systems, including CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and CloudLinux.

Do end users get custom logins in DirectAdmin?

Yes, you can create custom logins for your end users, so they can manage their own websites and email accounts.

How many user accounts does one DirectAdmin license allow?

We offer licenses for all types of DirectAdmin. Personal Plus (2 accounts, 20 domains), Lite (10 accounts, 50 domains) and Standard (Unlimited). Contact us for more information.

Have you not received answers to your questions?

Please take a look at our help center or Contact Us on our support.

Knowledgeable and available support - every day of the week

At Inleed you will find available, fast and competent support - every day of the week, all year round. We are your extended arm, always ready to solve problems or come up with the best solution for you.

  • Included in all plans and services

  • Available via email, chat and phone

  • Open 08-21 weekdays & 09-21 weekends

  • We speak Swedish and English

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What do our customers think of Inleed?

We work hard so that you feel that you are in good company. We try to meet all our customers' needs and always make an effort to make your everyday life online a little easier.

Score 4.9 /5 of 421 reviews


Written by Ethen D. On Google

Top. Freakin'. Notch.

Had many hotel/domain lives. with the years. The only bad thing is that I didn't switch to Inleed earlier. Inleed is far, far above standard. Actually has nothing negative at all, which is a strange feeling. Top. Freakin'. Notch.


Written by Carl S. On Google

Never been better

Inleed is the best web host I've had my websites on. They have never loaded faster, the service, ease of use and customer support has never been better. That they are a web host that cares about their customers is clearly visible.

My only regret is that I didn't discover them long before!


Written by Självförsvarsskolan On Google

Exceeds our expectations

We have used Inleed for many years and are more than satisfied. They offer a stable service and have a support that constantly exceeds our expectations. The response time is lightning fast and the problem-solving skills are good. Regardless of who answers, the service experience is total. Highly recommended.


Written by Christer J. On Google

Exemplary customer service and hosting

By far the best payment solution for the services, as smoothly as possible. Here the competitors have something to learn. That UI is also much better and Inleed is my first choice all day. Exemplary customer service and hosting.


Written by Lasse S. On Google

Constantly impressed

Customer for many years and I am constantly impressed by how easy and smooth all support works. Quick and competent responses and extremely helpful.

Have had more than a few different suppliers over the years and none even come close to how satisfied I am with Inleed.


Written by Henrik O. On Google

Unbelievably good prices

This can't be done any better. Great selection seasoned with insanely good prices and the industry's best support. Always recommend these to others.


Written by Christopher C. On Google

Fixes problems in no time

Fantastic support, nice uptime, good functions and above all they have a good grasp of their stuff and fix any problems in no time. Can really be warmly recommended.


Written by Robin H. On Google

15 out of 10 possible

Inleed is one of the best and most affordable web hosts I have used. Their support is top notch phenomenal - all categories! 15 out of 10 possible ⭐️


Written by Sporttema Sverige On Google

Great support and great prices.

Written by Henrik E. On Google

Inleed does the opposite

While many companies use "support" as a wall to make themselves unreachable, Inleed does the opposite. Always quick answers and effective solutions to the questions and problems that arise. Inleed provides the best support I have ever experienced from a company, all categories.


Written by Olof B. On Google

Highly recommend

Inleed has, without exaggeration, the absolute nicest, most helpful and not least the fastest support I've come across. Highly recommend them and their services!


Written by Ludvig D. On Google

Absolutely incredible support

Absolutely incredible support, Got help late at night when I had problems and confusion with the website and got all the help I needed. Even the control panel and website servers are incredibly good and perform well much better than previous web hosting providers.


Written by Johan L. On Google


We are now celebrating one year as a customer of Inleed! Inleed has a high availability on its servers, which is important to us as our server is operationally critical.

As a supplier, Inleed is proactive and always communicates with clear and early information and responds quickly if there are follow-up questions. We are still impressed by how carefree it is to be a customer of Inleed and how easy it is when we need help with something.

Inleed has, just like they write, world-class support!


Written by Peter K. On Google

Five stars are not enough

Written by Anders B. On Google

Absolutely wonderful customer support

Absolutely wonderful customer support. Short waiting times and support that explains in a simple way and is more than helpful.

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