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Our data centers

Our data centers are tailored to give you the best possible operation. We own and operate them ourselves, so we have full control over all aspects of your data management. Our staff is always ready to help you, and we offer a wide range of services to meet your needs.

With safety and operation in focus

Here are some of the features that we provide in our data centers. As always - If you have any questions, just contact us.

  • At cold temperatures, cooling from the outside is used to reduce the climate footprint

  • Automatic fire extinguishing system

  • Built in concrete to maximize safety

  • Only purchases of green electricity

  • UPS and diesel to handle any power failure

  • Guard call 24 hours a day

  • 4 redundant zones for electricity, cooling and mains

  • Burglar alarm directly connected to alarm center

  • Entry system with lock

  • Connected to several T1 providers

  • 24/7 alarm and camera surveillance

  • Connect your services between our different physical locations

  • Multiple physical redundant fiber paths

  • Access to remote hands

Infrastructure through several different locations

We offer IP transit with up to 100 Gbit/s. Possibility to connect from several different physical locations in Sweden, which is shown in the list below where we also give price examples. In addition to the sample price in the list below, we offer several different solutions and are flexible to find the speed and commit that suits you best.

Address, City

Ovabacksgattu 10, Tällberg

Norra Stationsgatan 61, Stockholm

Renstiernas gata 37, Stockholm

Artillerigatan 60, Stockholm

Esbogatan 11, Kista

Åsgatan 30, Falun

Västkustvägen 50, Varberg

Trädgårdsgatan 4, Hudiksvall

Gasverksgatan 1, Västerås

Förrådsgatan 5, Sundsvall

Nipan 51, Sollefteå

Bâtiment E501, 20-22 rue des Gardinoux, Aubervilliers

For increased reliability and constant connection

We understand the importance of keeping you online when it really matters most. That's why we've invested heavily in creating an infrastructure that's not only reliable, but also robust enough to handle unexpected challenges. Our redundant design is the heart of our data centers, which ensures that your digital presence remains stable and seamless regardless of external influences.

Our redundancy is not just a technical solution; it's our assurance that your services will remain operational, no matter what happens. With dual internet connections, zoning, emergency power supplies and advanced fire protection measures, you can be sure that your online presence is always in safe hands with us.

Zoning and Uptime

Our ​​data centers are divided into distinct zones, with each zone functioning as a separate unit. Should something happen in one zone, such as a power outage or an internet outage, another zone immediately takes over, ensuring that your services continue to operate without interruption. This means that even if part of our infrastructure is affected, it will not affect total availability.

Multiple Internet Connections

We have taken redundancy to the next level by implementing multiple Internet connections from different independent carriers. If one connection should cease for any reason, another automatically takes over to maintain a constant connection. This means that your services will never be reduced due to a single connection interruption.

Power supply and emergency power supplies

To handle possible power outages, we have implemented advanced emergency power supplies. Should the main power go down, our diesel-powered units automatically start up and ensure that your servers and services remain operational until normal power is restored. This gives you an extended amount of time to deal with the situation without experiencing any service degradation.

Fire safety and automatic extinguishing

We take fire safety very seriously. Our data centers are built with fire-proof material, and to combat possible fires, we have implemented an advanced fire protection system. This system can quickly react to fire and extinguish automatically. This rapid and automated response reduces the risk of damage and service disruptions.

Knowledgeable and available support - every day of the week

At Inleed you will find available, fast and competent support - every day of the week, all year round. We are your extended arm, always ready to solve problems or come up with the best solution for you.

  • Included in all plans and services

  • Available via email, chat and phone

  • Open 08-21 weekdays & 09-21 weekends

  • We speak Swedish and English

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