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Free migration help when you order web hosting from Inleed! Click here to read more

Free migration help with no downtime

Our migration help is a simple solution when you want to change supplier without headaches. We take care of the entire migration - from your websites and email addresses to databases and DNS settings. All this without any downtime, and of course completely free of charge.

Order migration help

We ensure a complete move


    Complete websites with associated files, settings and databases.

    DNS Zones

    All DNS zones are moved and updated to our DNS servers, including custom DNS records.

    Email addresses

    All email accounts with history, folders and settings are moved to our email servers.


    Any cronjobs are moved and updated to our servers with updated path.

    SSL Certificates

    We issue new SSL certificates with automatic renewal for a secure website.

    Optimization included

    When moving to Prime hosting, installation and configuration of Litespeed Cache is included.

How does the move take place?

The first step in your move to us is to order the web host or server that best matches your needs. With our wide range of packages, we have something to suit everyone. The services must have been arranged and paid for before a move can begin.

When you have your position in place, you fill in our migration form. This gives us all the information we need to make your move as smooth as possible, and ensures that the information we receive works to avoid delay in the process.

All moves take place in turn order and are handled within 7 working days. We will let you know when the move is complete or if we need more information.

Data collection

Moving in progress

Domain redirection

  • 1

    Create an account

    Start by creating an account with us. It is required to order new services and to make a move request.

    Create Account
  • 2

    Order service in the Shop

    We have 6 different packages of web hosting with varying performance, size and limitations. You order the desired web hosting package via the Store page in your customer zone with us once you have created your account.

    • Feel free to read our guide on comparison of web hosts

    • For Wordpress sites where speed is important, we recommend the Prime environment

    • For simpler pages, Standard or Special will work if there is enough space

    • We also offer free migration help to VPS and dedicated server customers

  • 3

    Pay the invoice

    When the payment is received, the service is created and the migration form can be filled in. We accept card, swish or bank giro - all without extra fees.

  • 4

    Complete the migration form

    Almost done! Now you can fill in a migration form where we request what is needed to be able to carry out the move.

    • Login details to the current supplier's control panel

    • Login details for FTP (if the website is to be moved)

    • Login details for the respective e-mail address (if e-mail addresses are to be moved)

    • Move code to the respective domain (if domains are to be moved)

    Go to the migration form
  • Our experts start the migration

    We will start the move in turn order, and let you know when everything is ready. Should we need more information, we will contact you via email.

Common questions & answers

How long does a migration take?

Expect a migration time of between 1 and 7 working days. Usually it goes faster than that.

Do I have to cancel my previous supplier?

Yes, you are responsible for canceling your contract with your current supplier.

Is it possible to schedule the migration for a specific time?

Extra fees apply for migrations outside office hours, 8am-9pm. Contact us for details.

Can I move parts of my services instead of everything?

You can certainly choose to move only a specific website or some email addresses.

Do I need technical expertise to use the service?

No complicated processes; just fill out a form and we'll take care of the rest.

Can you move websites built in site-builders?

Pages built in site-builders/page builders with the previous supplier can be moved, but not edited. Contact us if you are unsure.

Have you not received answers to your questions?

Please take a look at our help center or Contact Us on our support.

What do our customers think of Inleed?

We work hard so that you feel that you are in good company. We try to meet all our customers' needs and always make an effort to make your everyday life online a little easier.

Score 4.9 /5 of 421 reviews


Written by Ethen D. On Google

Top. Freakin'. Notch.

Had many hotel/domain lives. with the years. The only bad thing is that I didn't switch to Inleed earlier. Inleed is far, far above standard. Actually has nothing negative at all, which is a strange feeling. Top. Freakin'. Notch.


Written by Carl S. On Google

Never been better

Inleed is the best web host I've had my websites on. They have never loaded faster, the service, ease of use and customer support has never been better. That they are a web host that cares about their customers is clearly visible.

My only regret is that I didn't discover them long before!


Written by Självförsvarsskolan On Google

Exceeds our expectations

We have used Inleed for many years and are more than satisfied. They offer a stable service and have a support that constantly exceeds our expectations. The response time is lightning fast and the problem-solving skills are good. Regardless of who answers, the service experience is total. Highly recommended.


Written by Christer J. On Google

Exemplary customer service and hosting

By far the best payment solution for the services, as smoothly as possible. Here the competitors have something to learn. That UI is also much better and Inleed is my first choice all day. Exemplary customer service and hosting.


Written by Lasse S. On Google

Constantly impressed

Customer for many years and I am constantly impressed by how easy and smooth all support works. Quick and competent responses and extremely helpful.

Have had more than a few different suppliers over the years and none even come close to how satisfied I am with Inleed.


Written by Henrik O. On Google

Unbelievably good prices

This can't be done any better. Great selection seasoned with insanely good prices and the industry's best support. Always recommend these to others.


Written by Christopher C. On Google

Fixes problems in no time

Fantastic support, nice uptime, good functions and above all they have a good grasp of their stuff and fix any problems in no time. Can really be warmly recommended.


Written by Robin H. On Google

15 out of 10 possible

Inleed is one of the best and most affordable web hosts I have used. Their support is top notch phenomenal - all categories! 15 out of 10 possible ⭐️


Written by Sporttema Sverige On Google

Great support and great prices.

Written by Henrik E. On Google

Inleed does the opposite

While many companies use "support" as a wall to make themselves unreachable, Inleed does the opposite. Always quick answers and effective solutions to the questions and problems that arise. Inleed provides the best support I have ever experienced from a company, all categories.


Written by Olof B. On Google

Highly recommend

Inleed has, without exaggeration, the absolute nicest, most helpful and not least the fastest support I've come across. Highly recommend them and their services!


Written by Ludvig D. On Google

Absolutely incredible support

Absolutely incredible support, Got help late at night when I had problems and confusion with the website and got all the help I needed. Even the control panel and website servers are incredibly good and perform well much better than previous web hosting providers.


Written by Johan L. On Google


We are now celebrating one year as a customer of Inleed! Inleed has a high availability on its servers, which is important to us as our server is operationally critical.

As a supplier, Inleed is proactive and always communicates with clear and early information and responds quickly if there are follow-up questions. We are still impressed by how carefree it is to be a customer of Inleed and how easy it is when we need help with something.

Inleed has, just like they write, world-class support!


Written by Peter K. On Google

Five stars are not enough

Written by Anders B. On Google

Absolutely wonderful customer support

Absolutely wonderful customer support. Short waiting times and support that explains in a simple way and is more than helpful.

Knowledgeable and available support - every day of the week

At Inleed you will find available, fast and competent support - every day of the week, all year round. We are your extended arm, always ready to solve problems or come up with the best solution for you.

  • Included in all plans and services

  • Available via email, chat and phone

  • Open 08-21 weekdays & 09-21 weekends

  • We speak Swedish and English

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